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About Timeko Whitaker

For Timeko L. Whitaker, there is power in authenticity. She shares her life-changing philosophy with clients and audiences and students across the globe, empowering them to reach higher heights, embrace their core values and achieve goals with her presentations and workshops designed to inspire, motivate and teach.


As a trainer, speaker, coach, author, and retired US military veteran, she is equipped to motivate, inspire and train both students and staff. She is a certified John Maxwell Team Member, Speaker, Trainer and Coach, Founder and CEO of Authentic Identity Coaching, LLC and a certified Human Behavior Consultant specializing in (DISC) profiles.  

As a young girl, Timeko experienced bullying as a result of her speech impediment which caused low self-esteem. She knows firsthand the feelings of being counted out and rejected by her classmates.  She considers herself a conqueror as she has overcome the hurdles and now speaks for a living on bullying, character development and leadership​ ​

and host the local TBN’s WCLJ-TV’s “Joy In Our Town”.  


About Authentically Me - Bully Free

                                                           The Objective


Authentic Identity Coaching’s purpose is to ensure each student discovers the power of authenticity. This training will be executed through school assemblies, small group sessions, and campaigns to encourage a healthy learning environment.

   Need #1: Reinforce a full and complete understanding of the multifaceted shapes and forms of  

                   bullying. (i.e. cyber bullying, isolation, non-verbal, etc.)

   Need #2: Create healthy and constructive dialogue around the issue of bullying

   Need #3: Provide on-going or sustainment training that supports a culture free of the negative

                   behaviors by promoting positive self-awareness

                                                                         The Opportunity

“Cyber-bullying” is one area of specific concern. Exposing these types of issues and addressing them at earlier ages is believed to reduce occurrences and greatly promotes a healthy environment. 

    Goal #1: Bring awareness of the types of bullying and highlight the destructive and often unseen effects

    Goal #2: Promote acceptance of personal uniqueness’ and an appreciation for differences and diversities

    Goal #3: Promote a learning environment conducive to academic success


To inform, educate and equip the students with necessary tools to help them gain self-awareness of their identity as well as teaching how to respect and value others.

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